Commonly Outsourced Business Processes

What processes get outsourced the most? How do you know if outsourcing business processes is the right move for your company? Where do you find someone to do the work?Image

A quick search on several sites dedicated to helping companies find independent contractors reveals three very active areas.

(1) a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing routine calls, e-mails, word processing, and various secretarial duties opens up time on the decision-maker’s calendar for more pressing duties. Contracted employees save time and money because they are generally paid per project rather than by wages or salary. They have extensive experience in their particular areas, and do not require personnel support expenditures such as health care, retirement plan contributions or FICA/ Medicare contributions that companies typically provide for in-house employees. Outsourcing also means the employee is already very familiar with the business process in question. This greatly decreases the training time required.


(2) Payroll/ Accounting

This area seems to cause the most trouble for small business owners. Accounting is more than simply tracking income and expenses. Business taxes require an in-depth knowledge of constantly changing law. In addition to salary or wage requirements, cutting a paycheck requires keeping accurate records of tax laws and deductions. There are also various insurances, federally required contributions and vacation/personal time to calculate and track. Outsourcing this business process to a reputable person or company helps the small business owner insure accuracy.


(3) Sales/ Marketing

Outsourcing this business process ensures that an expert is on your side. Sales and marketing are the business process that bring money into the company. Selling is a learned skill, and the best way to acquire that skill is experience. Marketing requires determining the best method of communication to customers, and monitoring the effectiveness of a campaign. These are very time consuming activities, and mistakes mean wasted money. Outsourcing to a reputable person or company increases the level of experience and minimizes the likelihood of those mistakes.Whereas a large company would have the financial prowess to maintain experts in these fields, small businesses and medium sized companies may not have adequate resources available. Outsourcing these three business processes to a company or individual with demonstrated expertise in the field may help add some black ink to the bottom line.

Would you agree or disagree, leave your comments below.

Figures and Information sourced from:, this article first appeared on The Consulting Cafe.


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